purgeEYIf shortly after seeing the first film The Purge, you had asked me ” Think they’re gonna make another one?!” I would have said something to the effect of “No, how stupid would Blumhouse have to be to green-light a sequel to something as original as this?!” And yet here I am, watching writer and director James DeMonaco’s first trailer for the third entry in the franchise.

While I don’t see the need to go over the events of the first two films, it should be noted that the second film The Purge: Anarchy, and this one, The Purge: Election Year are direct sequels and follow the same protagonist, Leo Barnes (portrayed by actor Frank Grillo), in the same story line seperated by a 15 year gap. The difference between the first two films is that that Anarchy takes the audience through the city to watch the purge unfold through the eyes of various class systems (you’ll see how that’s important in the films), while the original film highlights just one family’s attempt at defending and surviving from within their home.

Below are all three of the first release trailers.


And Happy Purging.

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