“Time to make the chimi-fucking-changas.”

I had mixed feelings going into Deadpool. I have never been a huge fan of the character in the comics. I liked him well enough, but the writing for the character has almost always been sub bar in my opinion. I also had my hesitation concerning the R-rating as I had an inkling that would allow the film to be crude just for the sake of being crude. Combine those feelings with the fact that this film has been in development hell for around five years,  and I was a little nervous for the final result.

All my reservations melted away as soon as the film began.

Literally, within the first few seconds of the film I was laughing out loud in my seat. From the opening credits to the ending credits, the film delivers in spades in terms of pure entertainment value. Deadpool is one of the funniest films I have seen in years, which can be attributed to the stellar script by Paul Wernick and  Rhett Rheese and the fantastic performance from Ryan Reynolds as the titular Deadpool. Reynolds embodies the role of Deadpool as successfully as Robert Downey Jr. does Tony Stark, and helps give Deadpool one of the most accurate portrayals of comic book that I have ever seen. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool.

The humor that is injected into the film is both crude, witty, and adult, but in a way that feels earned, not gimmicky as I feared. Deadpool is about as hard an R as a film could be, and they take advantage of that fact. The film utilize what could be fairly morbid violence in a way that is very comedic. From kicking a decapitated head and a hilarious fight between Deadpool and Colossus, there is a large amount of physical humor that is used to great success, in addition to the vulgar and snappy dialogue.

The character of Deadpool is prone to breaking the fourth wall in the comics, and he continues that within the film. Deadpool is very aware of his previous incarnation from the terrible Wolverine solo film, and there are many gags focused on that fact that are hilarious. There are constant references to the character of Wolverine and the X-men, as well as the actual actors that play them, and its this meta level humor that adds a lot to the film as a whole.

The film acts as an origin story for the “merc with a mouth” and unfortunately falls into some of the same trappings as some of other superhero films. The portions before Wade Wilson becomes Deadpool are some of the admittedly weaker parts of the film. Not bad necessarily, but during these scenes I just wanted to get back to Deadpool proper. Luckily, the writers realized that and tried to minimize the amount of “origin story” scenes in the film.

Instead of the first act of the film being dedicated to solely pre-Deadpool Wade Wilson, theses scenes are spliced through out the film as flashbacks.  This allows that story to be told in a way that doesn’t drag on for too much as other superhero origin stories tend to do, as you’re only spending a few minutes at a time in this portion of the story.

The pre-Deadpool segments of the film focus on Wade’s relationship with his girlfriend Vanessa (played by Morena Baccarin). The chemistry between these two characters is actually quite successful and I bought into their relationship. Surprisingly I found my self invested in their relationship, and actually cared what happened between them, which is not something I would expect from a film focused on Deadpool.

Less successful however is the film’s antagonist Ajax (Ed Skrein). He is a fairly one dimensional character and acts as more of a plot device, as he is the object of Deadpool’s revenge and one of the driving factors of the plot. Skrein does a good job in his portrayal of the character and I bought into his rivalry with Deadpool. I just wish there was more depth to his character as I felt he had the potential to be a compelling villain.

As a whole, Deadpool is a wildly entertaining superhero film that does not let up on the laughs from beginning to end, poking fun at other superhero films while providing some brilliantly choreographed action scenes throughout its refreshingly small scale story. I would rank Deadpool as one of the best and more original superhero films to come out in the modern era of comic book movies, and I will definitely be seeing the film multiple times.


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