Deadpool is shattering numerous records this Valentine’s Day weekend.

The irreverent R-rated superhero comedy Deadpool has broken numerous records on its opening weekend. Exceeding its expected 65-70M opening weekend, Deadpool has gone on to become the biggest R-rated opening in history, beating out previous record holder The Matrix Reloaded. With an estimated opening of 130M, Deadpool also become the biggest February release of all time.

Deadpool was made on a modest budget of 58M. With an opening weekend gross more than doubling the budget, Deadpool is an unprecedented success for an R-rated film. It has also become the 7th biggest opening weekend for comic book adapted films.

With the massive success of Kingsman and Mad Max: Fury Road and now Deadpool, there is very promising trend showing that a movie does not have to be PG-13 to be successful, and hopefully will see more R-rated big budget movies released.

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