A throwback to classic 80s science fiction.

Watching this trailer was the first time I had even heard of director Jeff Nichols’ (Mud) new science fiction chase film Midnight Special but suffice to say it has piqued my interests.

In terms of tone and style the film appears to be heavily influenced by 80s era science fiction. Nichols has stated that he wanted his film to look and feel like a John Carpenter film in the same vein as Starman, and based on the trailer alone I’d say he’s succeeded. The trailer just feels like a film from the 80s, in terms of how it’s shot and it’s subject matter.

I love John Carpenter (The Thing and They Live are personal favorites of mine) and I was pretty impressed with what Nichols did with Mud, so after seeing this trailer I’m looking forward to this film. I’m a big fan of classic science fiction and I’m interested in seeing Nichols‘ take on the genre.

Check out the trailer below:

Midnight Special hits theaters March 18th.

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