For reasons unknown to the majority of like minded people, a sequel to New Line’s exceedingly unexceptional San Andreas was announced today. Suspiciously sounding like an actual wrestling match, the  sequel will once again pit The Rock against an earthquake in what I can only hope is a cage fight style grudge match in which The Rock forces the earthquake to smell his cooking. At least that would be more interesting than the first San Andreas. Then again watching paint dry would be more entertaining than watching San Andreas. Or experiencing an actual earthquake.

As for the most pointless sequel since Jaws 3, the majority of the cast and crew will be returning. Director of the original film (and director of Johnson’s upcoming Rampage adaption) Brad Peyton will return, as well as Johnson’s fellow co stars Alexandra Daddario, Carla Gugino, and Paul Giamatti.


So what do you guys think? The Rock v Earthquake round 2 excite you?! Leave a comment below!

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