And once again, we’ll all be shouting-” WANDAAAA!!!”

In a recent interview at NY ToyFair with, Artist/Creator of Spawn, Todd Mcfarlane spilled news about an upcoming toy line he’s working on. He proceeded then to open fully about plans for a new Spawn movie he hopes will start production sometime later this year.

From the sourced article, McFarlane goes on to explain that this particular Spawn film will definitely be rated “R” and is in no way meant to be a “superhero, or even an action movie”. Not only is this particular, but it’s also strange, it seems that instead of releasing source material in the form of a new off-shoot spawn comic, Todd wants to go balls to the wall and introduce a new generation of people to the 90’s burn-victim-gone-hellion on the silver screen.

The whole approach seems interesting, not to mention the fact that he’s turning it into more of a horror film than a hero film. As a child of the early 90’s and an adherent of most things 80’s, i’m more than a little excited to see such a crass and vulgar narrative rise and unfold again.

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