*Insert do you bleed joke here*

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  appears to be taking a page out of the Deadpool playbook.

According to the MPAA, a director’s cut of the upcoming superhero showdown has been given an R rating, which will be released as blu ray after its initial theater run. This wouldn’t be the first extended cut of a Zack Snyder super hero film, as the same thing happened with Watchmen, where an “ultimate cut” was released at a later date.

What’s odd about this news is that it was announced before the film has even been released. If the supposed director’s cut is going to be on the blu ray, it seems like a bad move to release that information before any one has a chance to see the theatrical version of the film. Now I’ll be wondering if what I’m watching in theaters is the definitive version of the film, or if I’ll have to wait 5 months for the blu ray release.

This feels like a cheap marketing gimmick to me, trying to capitalize on the R-rated success of Deadpool (which I already discussed at length here) instead of there actually being a need for an R-rated Batman v Superman. This isn’t a property that needs to be rated R, so I have fears of the rating being forced in the director’s cut. I just have mixed feelings about this news overall.



What does everyone else think of this news? Does BvS need an R-rated cut? Leave a comment below.


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