And finally the Nardo memes will stop.

The 88th Academy awards took place last night and I thought I’d give a quick overview of everything that went down, including all the shocks, surprises, and snubs.

Lets get the big news out of the way: Leonardo DiCaprio finally went home with the gold this year. A long awaited and well deserved win for Nardo. While I didn’t like The Revenant as much as a lot of other people did, Nardo’s performance in it was amazing. He didn’t have much competition this year aside from Michael Fassbender, but I’m happy to see Nardo finally has his Oscar. He gave a great acceptance speech that sounded like he had been rehearsing it for years. I wonder who the internet will decide needs an Oscar next.

Speaking of The Revenant, it won for Best Cinematography and Best Director. While it absolutely deserved the award for best cinematography due to what they were able to achieve with solely natural light, I am a bit disappointed Alejandro Iñárritu won best director. The Revenant was a good film but I didn’t think it absolutely amazing as others did, and I was pulling for George Miller to win for Mad Max: Fury Road. What he was able to do with Mad Max I feel was unprecedented and far exceeded anything else the other nominees were able to achieve. But Iñárritu was probably my second choice for best director, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

After Nardo and Iñárritu winning for The Revenant I was starting to think it was going to go home with Best Picture, but I was pleasantly mistaken. Spotlight ended up winning the big award, and while (once again) I was going for Fury Road, Spotlight was easily my second choice, as it was such a well crafted film. I was happy for that to end up with the award. I am surprised with how little recognition it got outside of that however, with the only other award it garnered was Best Original Screenply.

Mad Max: Fury Road did go on to sweep in just about every other category it was nominated for. The first half of the show pretty much consisted of Mad Max’s name being announced as the winner for just about every category. I was happy to see Mad Max get as much recognition as it did as I believe it was an bona fide masterpiece. It swept in almost every single technical category, besides one surprising one: Best Visual Effects.

One of the big surprises tonight was Ex Machina winning for Best Visual Effects over front runners Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I think its safe to say absolutely no one saw that coming. Ex Machina was made on a fairly modest budget of $15 million, so what they were able to do with that relatively small amount of money is pretty mind blowing. The effects they were able to create in this film worked seamlessly and I think are some of the most understated and successful effects I’ve seen in a film. However, going against the two previously mentioned titans I didn’t they there was any chance Ex Machina would win. Not that I’m upset by this, its will deserved and I’m happy to see Ex Machina got some awards recognition.

The biggest shock (and what some will view as a snub) has to be Mark Rylance winning Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Bridge of Spies. Most people (including me) thought Sylvester Stallone was a lock in this category for his iconic performance as Rocky in Creed. Even if you didn’t think Sly was going to be the winner, everyone’s second choice was either Tom Hardy or Mark Ruffalo, but I don’t think anyone was expecting Rylance to go home with the award. Personally I was Hardy’s cheerleader for this category, but I wouldn’t have mind Sly winning. I am a bit disappointed with how this category turned out.

Outside of these categories, the rest of the awards ceremony turned out pretty much how everyone expected. Brie Larson won was Leading Actress for her performance in Room, Alicia Vikander won for best Supporting Actress in The Danish Girl, and Inside Out won best Animated Feature. No real surprises in any of those categories. One thing that I wasn’t expecting however was for Ennio Morricone to win Best Original Score for his work on The Hateful Eight. I was expecting John Williams to win without question for Star Wars: The Force Awakensbut I’m glad Ennio took the award home, as I thought the score for The Hateful Eight was breath taking.

And there you have it! The winners, the losers, the shocks and the upsets of this year. Overall I’d say this was a pretty great Academy Awards show this year. Chris Rock was a fantastic host and did a hilarious job commenting on the #OscarSoWhite controversy. I had a lot of fun watching it this year, and will be looking forward to the 89th awards show.

Time to figure out who needs their Oscar next.



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