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We’re bad guys, it’s what we do.

While we are still technically only one film into DC’s cinematic universe, Warner Bros. is already planning ahead. While they have Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just on the horizon, Suicide Squad is also set to be released later this year. And apparently Warner Bros. is already planning a sequel.

In an article by The Wrap that Suicide Squad director David Ayer is poised to direct the upcoming cop-thriller Bright. Ayer has already wrapped with Suicide Squad, so him moving on to another project is no surprise. However, buried in the article is this little snippet:

Ayer hopes to fit the project into his fall schedule before Warner Bros. brings him and Smith back for a planned “Suicide Squad” sequel in 2017.

While their hasn’t been any formal confirmation on a potential Suicide Squad 2, that’s about as confirmed as it can get without coming straight from the studio. Although things can change if Suicide Squad is poorly received and/or bombs at the box office, things are looking good for the sequel. It’s encouraging that the Warner Bros. wants Ayer back to direct the sequel, as this just shows the confidence in the film he has crafted. They think they have a winner with Suicide Squad, and they are already planning on it being a hit.

What is interesting however is that Warner Bros. has already announced their slate for the next few years. If this report is true, what would they move in 2017 in order to accommodate for the sequel? Unless this is a Fant4stic 4 level bomb, I think all the signs are pointing towards this sequel happening.

Whatever ends up happening, Suicide Squad is probably the film in DC’s slate that I’m most excited for, and that includes Batman v Superman. If Ayer knocks it out of the park like I think he will, then I’ll welcome the sequel with open arms.

Just get rid of Joker’s tattoos.


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