With an unfortunate twist.

Back in the days when The Amazing Spider-Man franchise was still going strong, Sony planned to expand their super hero cinematic universe with spin offs of Spider-Man, including a Sinister Six movie, and a solo Venom film. Well when their rebooted Spider-Man franchise fell apart, so did their plans for spin offs. Eventually Sony cut a deal with Marvel Studios to have Spider-Man join the MCU, and it remained a mystery what exactly would happen with their planned spin off films.

Well, our first tidbits of information have just been released. According to THR Sony has revived their plans to give Venom his own film. But there is a catch. The film will be totally unrelated to the upcoming Tom Holland version of Spider-man, and will not be associated with the MCU.

Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, producers behind all of the previous Spider-Man films are producing and overseeing the project. Dante Harper is set to write the script, and it is currently unknown which incarnation of Venom will be used.

Personally, as much as I love Venom (he is my favorite Spider-Man villain) I can’t help but feel this is a mistake. It appears Sony wants to have their cake and eat it too by having Spider-Man join the MCU, but not want to totally play ball with Marvel. I’ve been wanting a solo venom movie for a long time, but if he is totally unrelated to Spider-Man then that just kills my interest in the film. Avi Arad being involved also is a big red flag, as he is nothing but poison for the Spider-Man brand.

For better or worse, Sony is moving forward with it however. Hopefully they rethink their plans and figure out a way to incorporate it into the MCU, because if not, then this will feel like a cash grab and devalue the brand.

What do you guys think? Are you still interested in a Venom film, even if it is unconnected to Spider-Man and the MCU? let me know in the comments below.



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