Do you bleed?

The review embargo for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has lifted, and the results aren’t pretty. So far the film has been receiving mixed to negative reviews, and fans of the franchise certainly aren’t happy (I’m certainly not). The subreddit dedicated to the DC cinematic universe has become an absolute war zone of fans berating critics, each other, Zack Snyder, DC, Warner Brothers, practically anyone that fans think should be held responsible for the negative response Batman V Superman has received. Keep in mind, a large majority of people have yet to even see the film, but most have already made up their minds about it.

It’s not just reserved to the subreddit, I’ve seen this dissension on various movie sites, Twitter, Youtube, any outlet in which a critic has given their opinion on the film. I’ve seen various conspiracy theories that critics are out to get Batman v Superman, that they have been paid of by Disney (I really don’t understand this one), or that critic have it out for Zack Synder, or that they are biased towards Marvel. Very few are accepting the possibility that the film may just be a stinker. They have already made up their minds about the film before having even seen it, and the critics who disliked the film must be wrong.

All film is subjective, and many don’t seem to grasp that. What some view as a negative in a film, others may see as a positive, and vice versa. No one can say a person’s opinion is wrong, or try and discredit it. It’s okay to disagree, especially when it comes to an art form such as film where there is no way to objectively quantify the quality of it. The fact that supposed fans of the franchise have been berating critics for giving a negative review of a film they haven’t even seen frankly is disgusting.

The film could suck. The film could be amazing. Every one’s opinion is going to differ, and there is no right or wrong viewpoint. That is what makes being a film fan so great, the fact that opinions can vary so much based on particular perspectives. Everyone sees things in a different lens, and it only adds to debate and discussion, and the furthering of the medium.

I implore everyone to keep an open mind, and respect each others opinions. I may love the film, I may hate the film, either way no one person can say that what I thought is wrong, just like I cannot tell you that your viewpoint is wrong. Batman v Superman is certainly going to be a divisive film, but don’t let it bring out the ugly side in yourself. Film is meant to be enjoyed, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

To put this succinctly, everyone just chill the fuck out.

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