I was a huge fan of The Lego Movie and I thought the character of Lego Batman was hilarious. However, once Warner Brothers announced that they would be giving Lego Batman his own film, I grew skeptical. Upon it’s initial announcement I felt that it would be a bit of a cash grab from WB (to be fair I thought the same of The Lego Movie initially). The reason Lego Batman worked was because he was an ancillary character in the film, which emphasized the amount of screen time he had and left the audience wanting more. I feared that having a whole film focused on him would cause me to quickly grow tired of the character. So I have to say that I am delightfully surprised by this teaser.

The Lego Batman Movie maintains the irreverence that characterized Lego Batman in The Lego Movie, as the trailer shows an exceedingly satirical look at classic aspects of the Batman mythos. There are a lot of easter eggs for fans of the character in this trailer, including a brief glimpse of various Lego versions his famous costumes, as well as a look at the Lego Justice League. Will Arnett’s voiceover performance of the over dramatized Lego Batman continues to be hilarious. Joining him (but absent from the trailer) will be Michael Cera as Lego Robin, and Zach Galifianakis as Lego Joker. Also listed in the cast is Plus Rosario Dawson as Lego Batgirl and Ralph Fiennes as Lego Alfred.

The film keeps the absolutely beautiful animation style from The Lego Movie, but given a dark and brooding Gotham aesthetic which only adds to the comedic value of the trailer. Just like the exaggerated Batman, the film also is employing an exaggerated Gotham, making use of the red skies from the beloved animated series.

The trailer was short but sweet. I really liked everything I saw from this teaser, and it has given me a lot of hope for this project. Check out the trailer for yourselves below:

The Lego Batman Movie hits theaters February 10th, 2017.

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