Also revealed is how many times Affleck is contracted to portray the Bat of Gotham.

It’s almost unanimously agreed that the best part of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was Ben Affleck’s performance as the titular Batman. With the mixed to negative response BvS has received, it makes sense that Warner Brothers might opt to shift Batman to the forefront of their DCEU, and this is looking more and more likely.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter William Morris Endeavor’s co-CEOs Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell revealed how many films Affleck is signed on for as Batman. He also let it slip that Affleck has written is own script for a solo Batman film. Check out his comments below:

He’s contracted to do at least Justice League One and Two, so at least three times wearing the cape,” he says, adding, “there’s a script that he’s written that is a really cool [Batman] idea, so that’s out there as an option.

So at the very minimum we will get to see Affleck’s Batman at least three times, (excluding his cameo in Suicide Squad) but it’s likely he will extend his contract. What really interested me about this interview was the fact that Affleck has already written his own script for a solo Batman film. This isn’t the first rumblings we have gotten about Affleck working on his own Batman movie, as he has been rumored to direct it ever since he signed on as the bat.

Just recently Ben Affleck confirmed that he was working on a project together with comic writer and BvS producer Geoff Johns. This all but confirms that this project they are collaborating on is the solo Batman film.

I had a ton of issues with BvS (you can read me full review here) but Affleck definitely wasn’t one of them. I consider Affleck’s Batman to be the definitive live action portrayal of the character, and I’m itching to see this Batman in his own standalone. The fact that Affleck will both direct and write the film  is getting me extremely excited. Affleck is a life long comic book fan and has proven that he is a born storyteller, writing and directing films such as Good Will Hunting, The Town, and Argo. I honestly can’t think of a more perfect storm for the Batman solo film.

Affleck has the potential to be the driving force for the DCEU with not only his performance, but with story and direction as well. And as a big Batman fan, this news put a huge smile on my face. Bring on the Batfleck.




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