He’s gonna tear up the fucking dance floor, dude.

Oscar Isaac has been mighty busy lately. The Star Wars: The Force Awakens star is joining up once again with writer/director Alex Garland for his latest scifi thriller adaptation Annihilation. This will be the teams second collaboration after 2015’s Ex Machina.

I’ve been a fan of Alex Garland for a while. While Ex Machina  marked his first foray into directing a feature film, Garland has penned scripts for some of my favorite movies such as 28 Days Later, Sunshine, Dredd, and of course Ex Machina. I thought he did a fantastic job directing Ex Machina, which I considered to be one of the best and most original films of the year. Garland already has a large number of successful scripts under his belt, so I’m excited to see him continue his success with directing.

Oscar Issac gave a standout performance in Ex Machina, so I’m really happy to see him teaming up with Garland once more. I mean, who can forget his amazing dance scene from Ex Machina:

On a more serious note, Isaac is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors, as he continues to make brilliant career choices with the projects he chooses to join. With Drive, Inside Llewyn Davis, Ex Machina, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens this dude is on a role, and I feel Annihilation will be know different. I know next to nothing about the subject matter, but the team behind it alone is enough to get me excited.

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