The Doctor is in.

We’ve gotten a few glimpses of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange through promotional photos and set leaks. But today due to multiple photos from the set we get top see the Doctor Strange costume in all its ridiculous glory. Check them out for yourselves below:

Seriously. this has to be one of the most comic book accurate costumes I’ve ever seen put to live action. I wasn’t sure of how they were going adapt Strange’s costume to live action, but didn’t think they would go ahead with the impossibly tall high collar and the Eye of Agamotto, but boy am I glad they did. Also pictured is Chiwetel Ejiofor clad in full Baron Mordo gear and he looks awesome as hell.

While we won’t actually get to see Doctor Strange in action until November this year, I’m confident we will get a trailer featuring the Sorcerer Supreme in front of Captain America: Civil War, and possibly see him featured in a post-credits scene. The film is being helmed by Sinister director Scott Derrickson. The film also stars Mads Mikkelsen, Rachel McAdams, and Tilda Swinton as a gender-swapped Ancient One.

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