I am so ready for some synth filled horror.

I’ve been looking forward to The Neon Demon for a while. I’ve loved everything director Nicolas Winding Refn has put out (yes, even Only God Forgives) and consider Drive to be one of my favorite films of the past 10 years. So when The Neon Demon was announced, my curiosity was piqued. Back then I only knew the very basic premise of the film, a horror movie about super models, and damn if that doesn’t sound interesting. Check out his thoughts on sex and violence as an art form to get an idea of where his head may be at for The Neon Demon:

“Well, the use of violence is … I guess art is an act of violence, in a way. It’s an emotional outpouring, and I don’t really know … I think that violence in the cinema is necessarily a fetish. Emotionally, our artistic expression consists of sex or violence. It all boils down to those two pure emotions that we have. But where erotica or sexuality is not fantasy, because most of us do it, violence, on the other hand, is fetish, is fantasy. There is a sexuality to violence that I find very intoxicating. But I think that that’s what turns me on.”

I have a feeling there is going to be some very nasty, beautiful stuff in The Neon Demon. I think this premise lends very well to Refn’s sensibilities as a director. He is a master at building slow, thoughtful tension, which tends to explode abruptly into moments of extreme violence. I always thought Refn could direct the hell out of a horror film.

Refn is a very visual director, I mean I could watch Drive or Only God Forgives just for the eye candy in those films alone. With a title like The Neon Demon, I think we can expect a similar aesthetic to those two films, which I am 100% on board with. I absolutely love his visual style, and can’t wait to see it continue into this film.

Check out the new neon drenched, 80s influenced posters for yourselves below:LVoX7VR

These posters are the most Nicolas Winding Refn thing I think I have ever seen, and I’m totally into it.




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