And somehow all the fake sequels will be canon.

Back in 2014 when the Sony hack fiasco was happening, one the interesting tidbits that leaked was that Sony throwing around the idea of potentially crossing over their Men in Black and Jump Street franchises. Nothing much was heard from it after that, just small bits here and there.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the directors of the previous two Jump Street film unfortunately won’t be returning to direct (as their busy with with this small film called Han Solo) but will stay on as producers. The only details they had let slip was that all those hilarious fake sequels shown in the credits of 22 Jump Street will somehow be canonized.

Well we got some more news about the film out of this week’s CinemaCon and that news is a tile: MIB 23. I’m 100% serious.

This idea is just stupid enough to work.

The Jump Street franchise has excelled at essentially making fun of the fact that it even exists, and mocking the fact that it was initially conceived as a cash grab. It continued that into the sequel, playing into the various tropes of studio mandated sequels, and remained meta enough to surpass even the first film (I was a huge fan of both).

Now having the franchise merge with freaking Men in Black? Oh man, the comedic potential for that is limitless. A corporate mandated crossover with a franchise past it’s prime? This sounds like the perfect thing for the Jump Street franchise to sink its teeth into. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill play off each other so well and have such great chemistry, and the image of their Jump Street characters facing down aliens is just so ridiculous that I’m actually looking forward to it. Count me in.



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