Life is a comedy, written by a sadistic comedy writer.

The first trailer for Woody Allen’s latest period film Cafe Society just released and I have to say it’s looking pretty great. It has the look of a typical Woody Allen film in style, and that’s why I’m so jazzed about it. Cafe Society looks like it’ll be quite enjoyable, and like Hail Caesar!, seems to put a lot of its focus onto classic Hollywood show business. I rather appreciate that, I’m a sucker for films based on classic Hollywood. Hail Caesar! scratched that itch for me, and I’m excited for Cafe Society to follow suit.

Outside of that aspect of the film, everything else about it looks pretty great. The leads in Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart look endearing and charismatic, and Steve Carrell and Corey Stoll look like they’ll be great in this film, as always. All of the dialogue in the trailer is so snappy and witty, typical of a Woody Allen film, and the way the film just looks is absolutely gorgeous. Allen has a very good visual eye, and his first foray into digital film looks like it’ll be a successful one. I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Check out the trailer below:

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