Guillermo Del Toro is never short of projects he is working on. I feel like it’s every other day he announces a new project, and every other day that another one goes unmade. Del Toro sure does like starting projects. I jest of course, I’m a big Del Toro fan, but this is getting a little ridiculous.

Coming out of The Tracking Board Del Toro’s next apparent project is a Cold War fantasy romance, with a rumored title of The Shape of Water. Check out the synopsis:

“The fairytale, set in 1963, centers around Elisa (Hawkins), a mute janitor working at a lab where an amphibious man is being held captive. When Elisa falls in love with the creature, she devises a plan to help him escape with the assistance of her neighbor (Jenkins). The world outside of the lab, however, may prove to be more dangerous for the amphibious man than Elisa could have anticipated.

Creepy Fantasy. Check. Period Piece. Check. Spooky atmosphere. Check. It has all the makings of a classic Del Toro film. I think the concept sounds awesome, and Del Toro is a director who I’ll always shell out to see his movies.

But before I get to excited for this film, I think I’ll wait to see a trailer. Del Toro has burned me quite a few times by getting me excited for one of his upcoming productions that never come to fruition (cough At The Mountains of Madness cough). Oh well, I think this film sounds really cool so hopefully we actually get to see it someday!

The Shape of Water is set to star Richard Jenkins, Sally Hawkins, Octavia Spencer, and Michael Stuhlbarg, with principle photography starting soon.

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