This news pleases me.

It was just announced today that Andrew Garfield is set to star in It Follows director David Robert Mitchell’s upcoming Los Angeles based noir thriller film Under the Silver LakeMitchell has already written the script for the film, and is set to direct.

I have to admit I’m getting giddy thinking about this news. I consider It Follows to be one of the best films from last year, and I have loved Garfield in everything he has been in, as he never fails to impress me. To see one of my favorite actors team up with such a talented director as Mitchell is always good news.

Mitchell blew me away with It Follows so I’m happy to see that he is continuing to direct interesting projects. I feel a noir thriller film fits his directorial sensibilities perfectly, and I’m excited to see his unique take on the genre.

I’m also glad that Garfield is attached to so many promising projects. I honestly was bummed for him after all the Spider-Man fallout, but his list of upcoming projects looks awesome: Hacksaw Ridge (directed by Mel Gibson), Silence (directed by Martin Scorsese), and now Under the Silver Lake. Garfield looks like he’s about to be on a hot streak.

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