Come on Kevin Smith

I first heard about Yoga Hosers a few weeks ago when Kevin Smith was battling with the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) over the R rating the film received. I knew nothing about the film but the MPAA is terrible so Smith had my full support in the endeavor.

After watching the trailer, Smith quickly lost my support.

This is an actual poster for the film.

While I’m glad Smith was able to stick it to the MPAA, I have to say this film looks utterly terrible. I almost think Smith is just trolling people at this point. I’m not even sure what the premise is, outside of two young girls both named Colleen battling against an army of miniature Nazis made from sentient bratwursts (played by Kevin Smith no less). Also Johnny Depp is in it as well, over acting as usual.

And I thought the trailer for Swiss Army Man would be the weirdest thing I’d see all day. Except that movie actually looks enjoyable, Yoga Hosers honestly just looks terrible. It looks like a straight to DVD, bargain bin movie. Kevin Smith is better than this, as he’s made apparent with much of his earlier work.

Alongside Depp and Smith, the film also stars their daughters at the two Colleens, and of course is directed by Kevin Smith. Check out the trailer below:

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