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It’s gonna be big.

Wasting no time to start the hype train for Avengers: Infinity War, the cast and crew sat down with Sky Movies to talking about the upcoming Avengers flick.

Most of the cast are just talking about how “big” the film will be, but there we a few interesting tidbits to be found in the video, mostly from Captain America: Civil War and future Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo. They speak briefly on how many of the story threads from Civil War will continue to play out in Infinity War, and how they wanted to tear the Avengers apart, so that they are unprepared for Thanos.

The Russos referred to the Infinity War films as culmination films, and from everything we’ve learned about the film, that seems to be the case. In addition to the Avengers showing up, Star Lord is confirmed to appear in the film, and now that Sony is playing ball with Marvel we have a Spider-Man in the MCU, which more than likely means he will be showing up as well. Along with that, Infinity War will most definitely pick up on all the various Infinity Stone story lines that have been peppered throughout the MCU. Culmination definitely seems like the right word. I’m excited to see if the Russos can pull it off, they definitely knocked it out of the park with Civil War.

Check it out:

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