The first trailer for Adam Wingard’s newest horror film The Woods just released and I have to say it’s pretty creepy. Check it out:

This is the first I’d even heard of the film. Wingard has been on my radar for a while with his work on You’re Next, a refreshing slasher horror film. While The Woods looks like your standard remote horror film, I have faith that Wingard will surprise us. I actually found the trailer to be pretty eerie, hopefully the film lives up to it!

I was a little bummed when I realized that the film was of the found footage variety however. That trope/gimmick/style/whatever is so overplayed, especially in horror, that I usually just roll my eyes in it’s usage. Hopefully Wingard will actually use it to his advantage and not rely on the same tired cliches that other films in the found footage genre employ.

The Woods releases September 16th.


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