Sorry Darkseid.

An article coming out of Birth.Movies.Death. has reported that the villain for WB’s upcoming Justice League won’t be the iconic Darkseid like most people believed, or even an evil Superman which is the direction I thought DC would go in. Nope. The villain for Justice League is going to be none other than Steppenwolf.

I know what you’re probably thinking: who?! Well, here is your answer:

Not to be confused with Steppenwolf the band.
I’m honestly surprised that this is the direction WB is taking their DCEU. For those uninformed, Steppenwolf is the uncle of the aforementioned Darkseid, and the military leader of Apokolips. I thought we would at least make an appearance in Justice League, but I never thought he would be the main villain.

I have to say I wouldn’t mind if this rumor turns out to be true. Even with all the heavy handed foreshadowing in Batman v Superman, I thought it was way too soon to introduce Darkseid into the DCEU. Darkseid is an end-game level villain, similar to Thanos, and to take him out in the very first team up of the Justice League would make him feel inconsequential. Having Steppenwolf be the main villain allows for Justice League to have a different yet formidable foe as their main antagonist, yet continue to hint at and set the stage for Darkseid in Justice League: Part 2.

I think this confirms that Steppenwolf was indeed the mysterious figure found in the Batman v Superman deleted scene titled communion. WB has yet to officially confirm whether it is Steppenwolf or Yuga Khan, but this news pretty much answers that question for them. I really liked the design of Steppenwolf in the deleted scene, so it’ll be cool to see him show up again. Hopefully Snyder doesn’t screw him up as badly as he did Lex Luthor.

Check out the deleted scene from Batman v Superman featuring Steppenwolf


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