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Please be good.

Hey look, more Warcraft footage. The film rolls out in about a month, but it has already been receiving critic and press screenings. While there is a review embargo until May 30th, the film has received some positive buzz from the screenings. In the mean time, check out these four new newly released clips for the film featuring orcs, magic, mayhem, and everything in between:

I feel that these four clips highlight what a piss poor job the marketing team has been doing with this film. Outside of maybe the first clip, I feel an entirely different movie was presented here. One with you know, actual charm. The final clip especially impressed me. The orcs in this film almost seem more human than the actual humans!

This movie may end up sucking, but I have a feeling it’s going to surprise a lot of people. To me it looks like Legendary’s marketing team is totally inept, because these clips show case what looks to be a well written, fun fantasy film. I hope I’m right.

Warcraft hits theaters June 10th.




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