Uh oh.

Gareth Edwards made waves with his 2014 reboot of Godzilla. The Monsters director was on board to direct the recently delayed 2019 sequel, but it seems that may no longer be the case.

Per Deadline, it appears that the split between Edwards and Legendary was amicable and happened before the announcement that the film was delayed. Shortly after finishing the first Godzilla, Edwards signed on to direct this little film slated for release this year called Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Edwards was meant to start production on Godzilla 2 after Rogue One’s completion, but it seems back to back blockbusters has worn Edwards out.

Understandable, but nevertheless I’m  bummed out about this news. I have a lot of problems with Godzilla, but those lie mainly with the script. Edwards directing single-handedly saved that film, and I was looking forward to getting Edwards take on the expanded roster of Toho monsters that Legendary recently acquired the rights to – Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah.

So, I guess that explains the delay. Hopefully Legendary is able to find a director on the same caliber as Edwards to helm the next iteration of the King of the Monsters, because they have some kaiju-sized shoes to fill.

Godzilla 2 hits theaters March 22, 2019.


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