She’s known to be quite vexing.

Suicide Squad is still months away from release, but it seems WB has some confidence in this one. Not only do they already have a sequel slated, according to THR they are developing a spin-off Harley Quinn film as well. But get this, it’s not a solo film.

Apparently, the film is set to star many of DC’s most famous female characters, both heroes and villains. Names like Batgirl and the Birds of Prey have been dropped, but nothing has been confirmed.

Sources are saying that the writer of the film is also a female, and that Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie enjoyed playing the character so much that she actually commissioned the script herself, and got the ball rolling at WB. I gotta say, that is actually pretty freaking cool to hear, and makes me that much more excited to see her portrayal of the character.

This is some of the best DCEU related news to come out in a while. They DCEU has been in a bit of a hectic place lately, but this reassuring for both Suicide Squad and the future of the DCEU. A superhero film comprised of all female heroes and villains is something that has yet to be done, and I applaud WB for moving forward with it, and I’m excited to see who else joins this film’s roster.

Probably Batman. WB could never go wrong with Batman.

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5th.

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