Melissa McCarthy;Kristen Wiig;Kate McKinnon;Leslie Jones

Hey it’s an improvement!

To say the first trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot wasn’t well received is an understatement, considering it is the most disliked trailer of all time on YouTube. All accusations of sexism aside, it’s fair to say people aren’t feeling too hot on this movie.

Well, today Sony released a new trailer for the film, and while I still think it looks like a bad film, this brand new trailer is miles ahead in terms of quality. Check it out:

While I still think this movie looks terrible, I didn’t hate this trailer like I did the first one. Hell, I actually chuckled a few times watching this trailer. I enjoyed the throwback to the “mass hysteria” line, and I have to admit a lot of the ghost designs are pretty cool looking, but I’m just finding it really hard to get excited about this film.

Leslie Jones is again the worst part of the trailer, as they doubled down on her cliche, borderline racist sassy black woman persona. I felt a lot of the humor in the trailer felt really forced, especially the selfie gag at the end of the trailer. The majority of the comedy in the original Ghostbusters allowed the comedy to occur organically by the ridiculous situations the Ghostbusters found themselves, whereas every joke in this new version just seemed so telegraphed. Does that make sense? Maybe I’m crazy.

Anyway, this was a remarkable improvement over the first trailer, but that isn’t saying very much. Paul Feig films usually play terribly in trailers, so hey maybe the film will surprise us.

Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15th.


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