About damn time.

The disappointment that was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has caused some major shake ups over at WB. BvS will end it’s run at about $870 million at the box office, and while that isn’t a small number, it pails in comparison to what it should have made, especially since Captain America: Civil War is about to pass $1 billion in less than three weeks. Well, WB noticed that it screwed up, and has made some big changes.

WB has formed a totally new film division, creatively titled DC Films. This new film division will be ran by DC veteran Geoff Johns and executive VP Jon Berg. From now on all DCEU content will be rerouted through this division, and Geoff Johns will creatively steer the DCEU.

I’m honestly surprised it took WB this long to form a division like this. Disney has had exorbitant success with Marvel Studios, and I’m happy to see WB follow suit. The first two entries in the DCEU have reeked of executive meddling to me, and felt lacking of any real creative vision. Putting Johns in a Kevin Feige-type role maybe the best decision WB has made for the DCEU since casting Batfleck.

Not only is Johns an acclaimed DC comics writer, but he also had a hand in bringing The Flash and Supergirl to TV, and is currently co-writing the Batman solo film with Ben Affleck. Apparently his involvement with the Suicide Squad reshoots was also instrumental in his new found promotion.

Johns seems like the perfect guy to take control of the DCEU, and hopefully it isn’t too late. Two films in and the DCEU is off to an extremely rocky start, and Zack Snyder will attempt to completely sink the DCEU ship with next year’s Justice League. If Johns can reel on Snyder, we may be looking at a very different, and probably very successful DCEU in the coming years

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