Set phasers to cautiously optimistic.

The first trailer for Star Trek: Beyond was a bit of a dud. After the colossal disappointment of Star Trek: Into Darkness, the first trailer made it look as if Paramount was trying to turn Star Trek into Guardians of the Galaxy. Fortunately, this second trailer for the upcoming sci- flick has done some course correcting, features significantly less amounts of Beastie Boys, and it almost looks as if we may get our first, true to genre Star Trek film. Check it out:

There is a serious tonal shift not just between this trailer and the first trailer, but this trailer and the first two movies. This trailer made Star Trek: Beyond look as if it’s a lot smaller, a lot more thoughtful than the previous iterations of the franchise, which I am 100% on board with.

While the first Star Trek film was really fun, I never actually felt I was watching a Star Trek film, more of just a typical action comedy with the names of old 1960s sci fi characters. Which I get, Paramount needed to introduce Star Trek to a completely new audience, and I doubt they would buy a slow, talky science fiction film about debating morals and Kirk sleeping with green aliens. Although we got that second part.

I just got much more of a classic Star Trek vibe, and it feels like the cast are really growing into their respective roles. Chris Pine as Captain Kirk especially, he looks a lot more mature, level headed, and Shatner like Kirk. Plus, we got a lot more of Karl Urban as Bones. Which is always a good thing.

I’d say the reason I’m so optimistic after this trailer is due to the fact that Simon Pegg actually penned the script for this iteration, and this trailer looks to be more in line with what a Pegg scripted Star Trek would look like. This looks like a legitimate Star Trek film, except it doesn’t have terrible special effects. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a scene of Chris Pine in a fist fight with a giant rubber suited lizard man?

Star Trek: Beyond releases July 2nd.

Check out some of the newly released posters below:


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