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The first teaser for the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast released today, and it’s a teaser in every meaning of the word. There is not much actual content to be found in the trailer, but it does set a tone, mood, and feel of the film, while also giving us a taste of the music in the film, plus a look at the Beast’s castle. All of which seem to be excellent. Check it out:

Disney is on a role with their live action remakes. They’ve already got Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, Cinderalla, and The Jungle Book under their belt. And for the most part they’ve been at the . With a stacked cast too.

Seriously, the cast list for this film is insane: Emma Watson, Dan StevensLuke EvansEwan McGregor, and Ian McKellen? That alone gets me excited. They’ve also demonstrated a fine talent for adapting their beloved animations, so that’s a plus as well. If The Jungle Book is anything to go buy, this film will probably make a billion dollars.

Beauty and the Beast is set to release March 17, 2017.


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