Spoiler alert: trailer contains aliens and destruction porn.

If you’re like me and always have the objectively right opinion then you have absolutely no desire to see a rehashed Independence Day sequel. Well boy are we in luck! This new extended five minute long trailer for the film does us the courtesy of giving us the cliff notes for the entire film, that way you can watch this trailer and skip the indulgent fetishized destruction porn, check it out:

Roland Emmerich really hates monuments.

Seriously, this trailer could almost act as an extremely expensive short film, all it needs is an ending. But, let’s be honest. No one cares about the plot of Independence Day, everyone is only watching for the explosions. And there sure seem to be a lot of them in this trailer.

Personally, I think this film looks terrible, a boring, CGI-laden mess. Liam Hemsworth has the charisma of soggy cardboard, and is a poor replacement for Will Smith. But it’s not just Hemsworth, pretty everyone in this trailer outside of Jeff Goldblum gave stilted line readings, BUT WHOA did you see that explosion??

The first Independence Day was enjoyable because nothing of that scale had ever been done before, and while it was cheesy and probably just as dumb as Resurgence will be, it was at least something new. Nowadays entire cities are destroyed in just about every summer blockbusters, so seeing computer generated cities be leveled has lost it’s luster.

You can enjoy more Goldblum quips in the face of extinction when Independence Day: Resurgence hits theaters June 24th.


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