Potential spoilers galore.

It’s been rumored that Marvel’s been developing a Planet Hulk story-line since as long as the MCU has been a thing. Rumors really heated up after Hulk left the Avengers at the end of Age of Ultron, but that ended up seemingly being debunked. As it turns out, we may see the story-line play out in Thor: Ragnarok.

Dane, what’s Planet Hulk?

Don’t worry reader, I’m here for you.

Planet Hulk is a Marvel Comics story-line where Hulk is sent to outer space by the Illuminati after a particularly bad temper tantrum. He lands on a mysterious planet, and is forced to fight in an alien gladiator arena. Sounds pretty cool right? Unfortunately, it is not possible due to Universal holding the distribution rights to a solo Hulk film. Hope seemed lost for a Planet Hulk adaptation.

Have faith true believers, Marvel has found a loop hole, according to JoBlo.

The film will definitely have the Planet Hulk element in it, operating as a kind of mash-up with the Ragnarok story. How Thor ends up on the planet in question is unclear, but he will definitely be involved in some gladiatorial games run by none other than Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster. In terms of Hulk’s appearance in this portion of the film, he will be rocking the one-shoulder armor as seen in the comics, so expect him to be decked out in the familiar Planet Hulk look.

This news pleases me. While I love the Planet Hulk storyline, I never thought it could carry an entire film on it’s own, due to how little Bruce Banner it involves. It’s fairly light on plot, and heavy on action. I think incorporating it into Ragnarok and turning into a subplot is a smart move on Marvel’s part, and I think will do the story justice. It also explains Jeff Goldblum’s role in the film which was a bit of a head scratcher initially, but I think will turn out really cool.

Some other tidbits dropped about the upcoming film, such as Thor sporting a shaved head for some reason, Valkyrie in face paint, and Thor’s quest to find a weapon to stop Ragnarok. You can check out all the info for yourself on the linked article above!

The the self described space road trip begins when Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 3rd, 2017.


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