Who said art is dead?

So this trailer popped up on my feed this morning. Yeah, I’ll go ahead and let you check it out for yourself:

Well, I give them points for originality at least. A guy recruiting a giant alien squid that survives off gasoline to live inside his monster truck is something that has definitely never been done before, so kudos for that. At least it gives some explanation for the physics breaking stunts the truck will most definitely pull in the film (looking at you Fast and Furious).

I’m still not sure if I believe that this is a real movie, it feels like one big joke. I can’t believe a film like this actually got green lit. I’m trying to imagine the board meeting where someone pitched this film, and what exactly they said to get Paramount to say “hell yes we’re doing this”, because they went all in on the concept.

This film obviously looks terrible, but terrible in the right way. I’m actually looking forward to see this, just to see how ridiculous it is. It has a January release date, which is almost assuredly the kiss of death for films.

Monster Trucks hits theaters January 13th, 2017.

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