Kevin Smith returns eh? It’s aboot time.

Kevin Smith returns to form with yet another gas station comedy, only this time, throwing his and Johnny Depp’s daughters respectively into the mix. Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp play two best friends of the same name, and it seems that the alias isn’t the only thing tying the troubled friends together in this film.

This trailer fares much better than the actual first one (you can read our thoughts here!) and in many ways gives me hope for this film. Kevin Smith has The young co-stars back in a gas station (not much unlike one or two of his wide releases we’ve seen before), this time fighting off some meat encased evil and using only the moves they were taught in their yoga class (how relatable).

Now, while mob mentality dominates the forums and comment sections of most fandom-centric social media platforms today, it can be beneficial to try and consider the rare and sometimes lonely “opposing view”. Take that step back, look at what’s there, let the good progress the opinion and the bad define the critique. Yoga Hosers on the outside, looks fun, but not unlike many straight to home-video releases I’ve seen before, but you can see the love sprinkled all over this film, whether it be the practical-effect costumed-baddies or Harley Quinn uttering that famous line at the end:

It can safely be said that Smith cares just as much about this film as he does about some of his previous efforts, (however good or bad they may be). Let’s just hope that his need to continue his legacy  doesn’t result in a poor film that effectively hinders the potential reach of his daughters future acting opportunities.

Yoga Hosers releases July 29.


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