Seriously, who didn’t see this coming?

In a totally surprising turn of events, the film that is set to star the various villains of a exorbitantly wealthy man-child who dresses as a costume bat and fights crime and was originally created for children has garnered a PG-13 rating, for “sequences of violence and action throughout, disturbing behavior, suggestive content and language” (courtesy of Box Office Mojo). So pretty much the standard fare for superhero movies.

I know there have been rumors and hopes that Suicide Squad would obtain the mystical R-rating, but anyone who actually thought WB would go for it are a bit deluded. I mean, it’s not called Box Office Suicide Squad.

Deadpool having an R-rating is a bit of an anomaly, and its success should be looked at as an exception, not the rule. Deadpool was made for an R-rating in mind, which is why it was able to fully utilize the lack of restrictions. Suicide Squad was never made with an r-rating in mind, as WB wouldn’t be dumb enough to take that big of a risk with one of the earliest entries into their cinematic universe.

Although for all you adults out there who like your mature content, the r-rated version of Batman v Superman hits the small screens later this month, featuring all the nihilism and violence you could ask for. The fact that there is was an r-rated cut of BvS that the studio neglected in favor of an obvious PG-13 rating was confirmation in of itself that Suicide Squad was never going to be R.

But, who knows. Maybe there’ll be an Suicide Squad: Ultimate Cut? I hope not.

Suicide Squad hits theaters with all of its kid friendly violence, disturbing imagery, and suggestive content August 5th. You goin’ or nah?

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