Warning: fanboy ramblings.

With Warcraft’s release upon us, Angry Birds being a financial success,  Assassin’s Creed shaping up to be quite promising later this year, and EA recently announcing a film adaptation The Division, it appears we are about to enter an age of video game movies. As an avid video game fan, I couldn’t be happier about the prospect of getting decent video game movies, since they have a history of being well, total shit (still crossing my fingers for Warcraft).

With more and more video game movies getting announced, here are a couple that I think deserve the live action treatment:



Fallout has always held a special place in my heart. It’s a post-apocalypse role-playing game, whose world is partially based on a 1950s version of the future. Everything has this retro-futuristic look to it, and most of the themes, tone, aesthetic, and humor of the franchise is rooted in its satirically nostalgic setting. This trailer from Fallout 3 demonstrates what I’m getting at:

There’s a lot of potential in a live action version of Fallout. It’s dark sense of humor, unique and engaging setting, and its biting satire all have the makings of a potentially great film.

While a film could be made from any of the games, the great thing about Fallout is that every iteration is distinctly standalone from one another, with loose ties between each entry. With a world so vast and lore so deep, the film could tell a completely original story that simply takes place in the Fallout universe, a la the upcoming Assassin’s Creed. It would be free from the constraints that many other video game movies have fallen into when trying to craft a direct adaptation of an existing video game story, and be free to tell whatever story it wants.

Bethesda, the current Fallout developer, has already turned down multiple offers for a live action version of Fallout, which tells me they are waiting until the right thing comes along (or video game movies prove to be financially successful). If/when we ever get a live action Fallout, something tells me Bethesda will make sure it’s done right.

With the current state of the United States’ political climate being what it is, the satire and commentary of the nostalgic outlook of old and extreme American exceptionalism and highly ethnocentric tendencies could prove to be very poignant. Plus, after the insane critical praise that Mad Max: Fury Road received, who wouldn’t want more post-apocalyptic insanity?



Halo is a futuristic science fiction franchise that employs the use of many classic sci-fi tropes: intergalactic war, super soldiers, ancient alien mysteries, shiny Aliens-esque designs. It’s all fairly derivative, but that isn’t necessarily a negative. It’s all about how a franchise employs and mixes it’s tropes in a compelling way, which Halo does. Star Wars wasn’t wholly original either, and that is arguably the biggest franchise on the planet.

I think that’s an accurate comparison, for a long time Halo was regarded as the Star Wars of video games. There is a wealth of stories it could tell, with deeper and more expanded lore than something like A Song of Ice and Fire, and less convoluted than a franchise like Assassin’s Creed or Warcraft.

Why Halo would work so well as a live action film is the fact that the original trilogy of Halo games were already structured like a film franchise. Unlike Fallout, you could do an almost direct adaptation of the Halo games (barring necessary changes due to the nature of adaptations) and tell a fun, simple, and subtly smart sci-fi action film. I mean, tell me that this doesn’t look like a trailer for summer blockbuster:

Microsoft has been trying to get a Halo movie made for a long time. I remember reading an old Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Ex MachinaHalo script years ago, and it even had Lord of the Rings’ Peter Jackson and newcomer Neill Blomkamp attached to the film before production fell apart and was subsequently turned into District 9. A Halo TV show was announced two years ago by Microsoft, with Steven Spielberg attached, but they’ve been quiet ever since, and I think it’s safe to assume that project is dead in the water.

Microsoft obviously wants this to happen, and with us standing at the cusp of a video game movie explosion, I feel it’s only a matter of time before a real Halo movie gets kicked into gear.

Well, there are my pitches for games that should get the live action treatment. Any games you’d like to see turned into a movie? Let me know in the comments below!


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