Hey look it’s not Tom Hardy!

Man, Spider-Man: Homecoming’s cast just keeps getting better and better. Just recently Donald Glover joined the super hero flick, and now it is has added even more talent in Martin Starr and Logan Marshall-Green.

Starr (pictured above) currently is member of the exceptionally funny cast of HBO’s Silicon Valley, but before that he had parts in the short lived but beloved Freaks and Geeks, as well as the similarly short and similarly loved Party Down. With the list of hilarious people added to the Homecoming cast, Starr joining makes total sense. Almost always a side character, and almost always hysterical, no matter how big or small a part Starr plays, I’m sure it’ll be memorable. As usual with the Homecoming cast, it is unknown who is going to play. There is a chance he will reprise his bit role as Amadeus Cho from The Incredible Hulk, but I have my doubts.

Now, as for Marhsall-Green. It is also unknown who he is playing, but the rumor is he is playing a secondary villain.  While if I had my choice of casting Marshall-Green for a Spider-Man role, it’d be for Kraven. But unfortunately I don’t run Marvel Studios (probably for the best). Since the all but confirmed report of the Vulture and Tinkerer appearing in the film, my bet is on Marshall-Green playing Tinkerer.

Marshall-Green really impressed me earlier this year with his performance in the tension filled The Invitation, so I’m happy to see him added to the Homecoming cast. It’s never a mistake to add talent, and I’m glad to see Marhsall-Green in a big film.

Seems we’ve been getting non-stop casting news for Homecoming lately, and with shooting scheduled to begin soon, I wonder who else we’ll see added to the cast before it’s July 7th, 2017 release date. Any predictions?

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