And it sounds awesome!

Who doesn’t like The Dirty Dozen? Pshh, no one.

Who doesn’t like Hell? Well, maybe like is the wrong word, but you get the idea.

Who wouldn’t like a movie featuring a Dirty Dozen going to Hell to fight demons and assassinate Satan? No one, that’s who, because that movie sounds fucking awesome. And lucky for us, that movie is a reality.

And it’s called Hell Bent. Per Deadline:

The Hallow director Corin Hardy has made a deal to direct Hell Bent, the Mike Finch-scripted action film that is a priority project for Paramount Pictures and is easiest described as Dirty Dozen Goes To Hell.

In Hell Bent, a group of mercenaries imprisoned in a Brazilian jail are murdered and led into the depths of hell by a priest who wishes to use their skills to kill Satan before he brings hell to Earth.

I don’t think I’ve ever been on board with something I know next to nothing about in my entire life. Excuse my unintentional pun, but that is one hell of a movie pitch. The Dirty Dozen format is a great framework to form a story around, and has been used successfully multiple times in the best, but never has it been focused on something as cool as assassinating Satan.

What I’m picturing in my head right now is The Dirty Dozen meets Doom, and while the movie probably won’t turn out near as cool as what I have in my head, there is a staggering amount of potential there for a fun and original action flick.

Paramount’s approaching this film smartly:

The film is designed to cost $60 million or under, a reasonable sum for a possible franchise launch. It’s not dependent on big stars, but on an ensemble of “next” hot guys.

Having a “small” (I use that term relative to other blockbusters) budget will allow this to be a riskier film, as the stakes for failure aren’t as high as something like an Avengers or Batman v Superman. That budget is comparable with that of Deadpool, and just look and how that turned out for Fox.

That’s about all we know as of now for Hell Bent, but you can be damn sure we’re going to stay updated on the production of this film. Stay tuned.

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