There’s even a walking toy holding a toy!

There’s been an excess of Star Wars news lately due to EW being in the midst of there week long. Darth Vader just got confirmed for about the 100th time to appear in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story yesterday, Forrest Whitaker is playing a minor character from The Clone Wars cartoon series, and now we have a wealth of images from the film that you can stare at with your seeing organs and wonder when the toys are coming out for those dope new black storm troopers.

Check them out:










If that wasn’t enough Star Wars for you, there are a few more you can check out in the EW gallery here.

There isn’t much to say other than these all look really good! As I just mentioned I think the black stormtroopers look really cool, and it’s nice to get a look at a bunch of the new characters. With these images came confirmation of Alan Tudyk’s character in the film (the robot seen in image seven), but once again that was already pretty well known. No matter your opinion on the reshoot debacle, I think we can all agree that the film at least looks nice. These images alone give off a more distinct and gritty feel than the proper saga films. Maybe it’s all the stormtroopers storming (heh) the beach, gives it an almost Saving Private Ryan look and feel to it. I’m excited to see that feeling carry over into the full film.

Rogue One hits theaters December 16th.

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