Featuring Rihanna, for some reason.

In case you weren’t aware, Star Trek: Beyond comes out soon! And honestly if you didn’t know that, I wouldn’t blame you. There has been a surprising lack of buzz concerning Beyond, to the point where I hear almost no one talk about it.

Either way, I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not dying to see it. But, Paramount is here to try and change all of our mind’s collectively with the final trailer for the latest voyage into the final frontier:

Okay, let’s get one thing out of the way: Why is Rihanna the focal point of the trailer? Like the first Beastie Boys trailer, the music heavily clashes with the tone that I think they are trying to achieve. While I liked everything in the trailer I saw, the new single from Rihanna was extremely distracting. It almost seems like the new Rihanna song is what we are supposed to get excited about, and not the Beyond trailer.

Other than that oddity, I felt this was an okay trailer. Better than the first one, not as good as the last. I liked the bit between Kirk and Bones discussing Kirk living up the legacy of his father, but other than most of the footage is stuff we’ve seen before. Which I appreciate, it’s nice not having the film spoiled in the trailers (even though they’ve already shown the Enterprise getting destroyed, but I digress).

As a side note, this new trailer reminded me of the unfortunate death of Anton Yelchin, how bittersweet it will be to see his character for the last time in the film. Hopefully his character was done justice, and will get some sort of proper send off, in respect for Yelchin.

Anyway, we’ll know how this all turns out when Star Trek: Beyond his theaters July 22nd. You goin’ or nah?


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