Time to get excited.

I’m a huge fan of Wreck-It Ralph, it’s probably tied with Zootopia as my favorite film to come out of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Luckily for me, just about everyone else in the world loved Wreck-It Ralph as well, and a sequel was announced to be in development a couple of years ago.

But news on the project has been sparse since, that is until today, when Disney announced via Facebook broadcast that a sequel was indeed coming, and it would hit theaters March 9th, 2018. The film will be co-directed by returning Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, co-writer of the original film. Moore has teased that the film will have more of an internet based setting, as Ralph moves from the arcade world to the virtual world.  Unsurprisingly, John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman are set to return as the film’s two leads, with Clark Spencer of Zootopia fame set to produce.

Things are looking good for the animated sequel, and it’s nice to have some serious confirmation about the film. The a director set and a release date announced, we can all rest easily now that we now a Wreck-It Ralph sequel is officially happening. You can check out the first image released for the film below:


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