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I dig it.

The first poster for Disney’s upcoming live-action version of Beauty and the Beast dropped today and it sure is a looker. Check it out:


I really love this poster! I feel it captures the tone they are going for pretty perfectly. It’s simple, elegant, and doesn’t give anything away. I like that it doesn’t have any of the cast or anything. Disney has been keeping things close to the chest with Beauty and the Beast so far. With a teaser that revealed almost nothing, and now a poster that does the same, I’m betting we won’t really see anything from the film until the official trailer.

When that will be exactly? Your guess is as good as mine. If I were a betting man, I’d say it’d be in front of one of Disney’s upcoming movies. We have Pete’s Dragon coming down the pipeline on August 12th, and Doctor Strange hitting theaters November 4th. My guess is it’ll play in front of Pete’s Dragon, but that’s merely speculation on my part.

Regardless, it’ll be a while before we actually get to see the movie, as it’s currently slated for release for March of next year and stars Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellanGugu Mbatha-Raw, Stanley Tucci, and Emma Thompson. You excited or nah?

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