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Here we go folks.

Months ago Nintendo announced that they intended to turn their highly successful video game franchise Pokemon into a video game franchise. Not much was known besides that, other than the rumor that Max Landis (Chronicle) would be the one to write the potential Pokemon movie. While the rumors that Landis was working on a coming-of-age Pokemon script were true, Nintendo has decided to go in another direction. Hot off the heals of the exorbitant success of Pokemon Go, it’s been announced that  Legendary Entertainment has sealed the deal for the rights to a live action Pokemon, and the result is a little disheartening:

On the heels of Pokemon Go fever, Legendary has closed a deal for the film rights for the iconic Japanese property.

Legendary and The Pokemon Co. on Wednesday announced that they will launch the first Pokemon live-action film franchise based on Detective Pikachu, a new character in the Pokemon universe.

Who doesn’t want to see Pikachu solve a grizzly murder/rape case and explore the seedy underbelly of urban life?

Sigh, I have to say as a fan of the franchise I’m pretty disappointed. Putting aside the fact that detective Pikachu is pretty unknown outside of Japan due to the spin off game being exclusively released the there. It just seems odd to be to base the first live action Pokemon film on a newly released spin off title. Hopefully it fares better than Nintendo’s last foray into live action film.

This seems like a mistake from Nintendo, and I think they would’ve been much better off starting off their franchise with a more familiar type of Pokemon story. Oh well. Production for the film is being fast tracked to start in 2017, and any more story details remain unknown at this point.

What do you guys think? Think this is going to be good or nah?

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