So you talk to fish?

Oh, you were excited about the new Wonder Woman trailer? Well Warner Brothers didn’t think that was enough, so here’s the first teaser Justice League a whole year and a half in advance:

God damn now that is a teaser. After the colossal disappointment that Batman v Superman was, this teaser for Justice League looks fucking fantastic. It seems Zack Snyder may have finally learned from his previous mistakes and Justice League will be the film we’ve been waiting for.

Of course, we say that every time Snyder comes out with a film, so I’ll remain skeptical until I see more footage. I do have to say, this is a hell of a teaser. It’s light on any action and places most of its focus on introducing the different members of the Justice League, and the little interaction we got get’s me excited.

Aqua Man looks intense as hell, and the shot of him chugging Jack Daniels before standing unshaken by a tidal wave is hilariously bad ass. Jason Momoa and Snyder’s interpretation of the character looks pretty interesting, and the small antagonism that exists between him and Bruce Wayne looks like it’ll be fun to explore.

Speaking of Bruce Wayne, Ben Affleck continues to prove that he was born to play Batman. Even in the short short bits we got Affleck was able to embody the dry, sardonic humor that has come to define Bats, and he looks like he was ripped right out of the comics. The small bit we got between him and Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen was genuinely funny. I was reminded of the relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War. I’m interested in seeing that relationship develop, as as well as Miller’s Flash in general. He brings an uncharacteristic sense of youth and optimism to the DCEU, which is sorely needed.

It looks like Batman and Wonder Woman are working together to recruit the members of the Justice League, which makes sense given the ending to BvS. They have a humorous exchange in the trailer as well, and it’s nice to see some sense of camaraderie between the various members of the league. It’s interesting that Warner Brothers haven’t shown off Superman yet, I’m wondering if they’re waiting for the first full length trailer to reveal him. I can’t see them keeping Supes under wraps until the film releases, especially given their treatment of Doomsday.

Aside from Cyborg looking like a fucking Robot Chicken character, this was an awesome teaser. I love the tone they are going with, and the film just feels like it’ll be fun. Hopefully Snyder doesn’t fuck it up again.

What do you guys think?

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