Do we have our Agent Venom?

The filmmakers working on Spider-Man: Homecoming have been playing coy with who exactly everyone is, as every time a new member is added to the cast, it is of course for an unknown role. Well, In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Jon Watts finally revealed some solid info on who the hell is playing who in the upcoming superhero flick.

Namely, The Grand Budapest Hotel star Tony Revolori is playing the classic Peter Parker bully/Spider-Man super-fan Flash Thompson, Zendaya will be playing a character named Michelle (a possible new character), Laura Harrier will play another Spider-Man regular in the form of  Liz Allen, and Jacob Batalon will play Ned Leeds.


In the comics, Liz Allen is Thompson’s ex-girlfriend, as well as an early love interest for Peter Parker. It’s unknown if she will serve as a love interest in the film, but personally I’m hoping to see that dynamic from the comics translated to live action. Ned Leeds is a rival journalist at the Daily Bugle in the comics, but in Homecoming it seems he’s been relegated to the role of friend to Peter. It’s unknown if Zendaya’s Michelle is in anyway related to Michelle Gonzales, a character from the comics, so her role remains somewhat of a question mark.

All in all I gotta say I love this cast, and it’s nice to see just how diverse it’s shaping up to be. Detractors may criticize the casting choice of the Guatemalan Revolori to play the blonde hair/blue eyed white Flash Thompson, but it’s obvious that the filmmakers cast this film color blind. I’m super interested in seeing Revolori’s interpretation of Flash, and how he can update the cliche 60s jock/bully to a more modern archetype. My only hesitation surrounding Revolori, however, is that I’m not sure if I can see Revolori as a potential Agent Venom, but I guess we’ll see how it goes!


What do you guys think of this cast?

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