Featuring a whole lot of James McAvoys.

So this popped up today, the first trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s next film, Split. A horror film about a man with multiple personality disorder who kidnaps a group of helpless teenage girl. I’m sure this will all be in good taste. Let’s find out:

Yeah, that’s about what I thought it would be. Aside from seeing James McAvoy go HAM with all these different ridiculous personalities, it looks like there’s nothing here particularly special. With the shallow and exploitive portrayal of mental illness, plus the painfully cliché women in jeopardy format, this film looks like a hard pass for me. Plus with Shyamalan’s track record, you’d be able to make a pretty educated guess on this film’s quality.

My only hope is that the film doubles down on the absurd notion that a person with multiple personality disorder is able alter their fucking genetic make-up and has McAvoy turn himself into a werewolf or something equally as insane (maybe even the fake monster from The Village).

Couple of side notes, bold move for the trailer to ape off The Invitation’s trailer music – it definitely did not pay off. Also, it’s nice to see The Witch‘s Anya Taylor-Joy getting some more work. Hope she isn’t type-cast as the girl who has terrible stuff happen to her before she takes charge at the end. That’ll grow old quick.

Anyway, you’ll be able to check Split out when it hits theaters next January. I mean, it’s not like anything else worth seeing is ever playing in January. You going or nah?

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