This seems fitting.

While Willem Dafoe is pretty busy right now, filming this tiny film called Justice League, he has managed to find the time to sign on to another live action adaptation. Netflix is currently developing a live action version of the immensely popular Japanese manga Death Note, and they’ve just attached Dafoe to voice Ryuk the Shinigami (pictured above).

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about Death Note as a property or what a Shinigami even is, but I do know Willem Dafoe. And I can definitely see his voice coming out of that face. I mean, Dafoe could probably just play the character out right, rather than simply voicing him. Just look at him:


Dafoe is almost always good, and it’ll be fun to see him either play what looks like an extremely menacing character, or totally ham it up as that weird monster. I’m not sure. Death Note fans will have to enlighten me. As it stands, the addition of Dafoe managed to make me more interested in this project.

Death Note is set to debut on Netflix sometime next year, and will star Nat Wolff, Margaret QualleyKeith Stanfield, Paul Nakauchi and Shea Whigham. The film will be directed by Adam Wingard, known for directing cult favorites You’re Next and The Guest, as well as contributing to the horror anthologies V/H/S and The ABC’s of Death. Wingard’s got an eye for horror, so I’m looking forward to how he’ll bring Death Note to the small screen.

Look out I got a plot synopsis comin’ in hot:

Death Note follows a high school student who comes across a supernatural notebook, realizing it holds within it a great power; if the owner inscribes someone’s name into it while picturing their face, he or she will die. Intoxicated with his new godlike abilities, the young man begins to kill those he deems unworthy of life.

Will it be faithful to the original manga? Your guess is as good as mine (unless you’re actually a fan, then your guess is probably better than mine), but I think it sounds intriguing enough. What do guys think? Excited to see Dafoe voice a Shinigami?

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