Is it too late for a reboot?

Looks like we have a Man of Steel sequel to look forward to, according to The Wrap. Trade journalist El Mayimbe has reported that Warner Brothers have moved into active development for the next solo Superman adventure, and while it has no writers or director attached yet, it is progress. While Man of Steel served as our introduction to the, let’s use the word “divisive“, DC Extended Universe, Warner Brothers has been somewhat tight-lipped on a sequel. The original plan was to follow-up Man of Steel with an immediate sequel, but after that film’s under performance that sequel turned into Batman v Superman.

These movies have not been kind to the character of Superman. With his controversial characterization in this franchise, and his (spoiler alert) demise at the end of BvS, things weren’t looking to bright for the caped crusader. Apparently, Superman is a high priority over at DC Films. They are not happy with the fan response to the character, and they want to set things right with the character, starting with Justice League. They want to turn him back into the all-american boy scout that he is, and not the mopey monstrosity we’ve seen in the past few films.

Honestly, Justice League is the last chance we have for a decent DC Extended Universe. After three strikes in a row with Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and now the dreadful Suicide Squad, the DCEU is treading water.Treating Justice League as something of a soft reboot seems to be the best bet Warner Brothers has of not only saving Superman, but their entire DC slate. If they can manage to turn Justice League into a decent film and salvage the character of Superman, then I’m all in for a Man of Steel sequel. And if Justice League ends up being the latest entry in a long line of busts from the DCEU, then I see no hope for Superman and all his pals.

Which is ironic, considering what the symbol on his chest is meant to mean.

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