He’s also really fucked up.

Robbing a blind guy sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Well, not if that blind guy is the grizzled ass kicker known as Stephen Lang, as these three goofballs discover soon enough in the “fucked up” red band trailer for Don’t Breathe. Check it out:

I’m into it. This was a pretty decent trailer, the concept is cool enough, and Stephen Lang is always entertaining to watch. What really made me interested in this film however was discovering that it was written and directed by none other than Fede Alvarez, the writer and director of the 2013’s stellar Evil Dead remake.

I personally think that Evil Dead is one of the better horror films to come out in the past few years, so to see that Alvarez is making another horror movie is pretty exciting, especially when it’s about Stephen Lang kicking the asses of a bunch of hooligans. Alvarez is re-teaming with Evil Dead star Jane Levy as well, which is another net positive for Don’t Breathe. Levy really impressed me with her performance in Evil Dead, so it’s nice to see her and Alvarez collaborating again.

Everything’s looking good for this film. Luckily we don’t have to wait very long, as it hits theaters in just a few weeks: August 26th. You going or is it too “fucked up”?

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